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Battery Operated Barrier

We also manufacture custom barrier gates, including the BOB (Battery Operated Barrier) which is for short term, rapid deployment in confined spaces. It uses a 9’ arm and has several options as well.

We also build the HUG without the levelers for permanent installation where no power is available.

The HUG, TUG and TUG Jr. are vertical gates. The BOB is horizontal. HUG and TUG can be made with a horizontal open as an option.

Battery is included on the BOB only, due to weight and warranty issues, the HUG and TUG require a deep cycle battery. We have had excellent luck with the Wal Mart deep cycle group 31 battery.

If you need LED traffic lights, strobes, signage or custom sensors, please let us know. We want you to get the exact unit you require.

Please call (970) 946 4180 for pricing and to determine the best unit for your application.