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Heavy Utility Gate (HUG)

HUG, the Heavy Utility Gate can be used for corporate and plant security, construction, checkpoints, traffic control, parking, well sites, during emergencies, accidents, incidents and for dozens of other daily applications.

Utilizing a deep cycle battery and Heavy Duty 800 pound stainless IP65 rated actuator, the all steel, American made HUG is capable of hundreds of cycles daily. There are numerous options like a 50 Watt solar panel, automatic exit and keypad. It works for both short term and extended deployment, and features a reflective tower and arm, polyurethane chassis, security loops and enclosed battery box.

Easily deployed by two persons or with a fork lift, the HUG uses a    1-1/4” solid axle mounted on flange bearings with a dynamic load rating of 5750 pounds. The HUG is wire and rod welded throughout, and is designed for rough service in any environment from below zero to 149 degrees F. The HUG also incorporates key readily available standard off-the-shelf components, no custom circuit boards.

The standard HUG comes with a reflective tower, 12’ reflective arm, levelers, security points and polyurethane coating. It also comes stock with a commercial medium range radio with 2 controllers.

The HUG is the most popular unit we build*



Long Range RC

Additional Transmitters

50 Watt Solar panel mounted on swivel base.

120-240VAC to 12VDC power supply.

Exit wand

Keypad entry

Long arm